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Fits 2004 Wrangler TJ

Has Front and Rear Rubicon Locker Toggle (Wire Your own Lockers to this Plug if you do not have a Rubicon)

Includes Complete Dash Wiring Harness, Instrument Wiring, and Crossbody Rear Tail Lamp with Hard Top Plug. Double Washer Pump Bottle with one pump, you will use your existing pump as the other one on this bottle, both Rear Hard Top Defrost and Wiper Toggles included. Requires Dash removal for installation. This is the factory wiring set up, bolt on, nothing needs to be cut or spliced to make this work. Installation time varies 6-8 hours. We have a forum we use for detailed instructions. You will also need 1 relay and 2 fuses you can pick up from your local auto parts store.

Each kit we sell is based on the specific year it was removed from, these wiring kits are in good shape with no burned wires. The factory radio plug has been switched to aftermarket for aftermarket stereo in most cases. All functions have been tested prior to dismantle of this Jeep.

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Year Name Description
2004-2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ

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