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A little about our History

My name is Jeremy, I am the proud owner of the original Jeeps Unlimited.

Our Jeep family started in 1964 the back yard of the original founder. That little yard lasted quite a long time but eventually outgrew their fence. To keep the neighbors at peace a 10 acre commercial lot was purchased in 1984. This was the point in our history that our small company really started growing its roots and became a "BIG Small Business". This was a very good year because it was the year I was born as well :).

My passion for Jeeps and Jeep people started as far back as I can remember, from the moment I saved up enough to buy my own CJ5 tuxedo park edition (I am 6'4" I could barely squeeze into the thing) to my 84 CJ7, 90 Wrangler YJ, 98 Wrangler TJ, and my absolute favorite my 06 Wrangler LJ Unlimited Rubicon, and now to our 16 JK. You could say its in my blood.

To make my Jeep collection really complete I started my own yard up in 2010. Also in my back yard, this too quickly outgrew our property line as well as my marriage (My ex hated having a junk yard in the back yard), so off I went and leased out a small garage and fenced yard in Wheat Ridge, CO. This was exciting and had I not had the friends I had and met I would have never been able to grow it as it did. This went for a little over 4 years. I was working 100 hr weeks, I lived in the backroom of my shop. Stripping Jeeps down, cataloging the parts, photoing parts, listing parts, and then shipping parts and when I had the time I would answer as many calls as I could. I was a one man band and I almost quit that summer of 2014. I went to school as well during this time and got my BA in Geography, minor in Geology, and certificate in GIS so I knew I had this to fall back on. I prayed for a solution and God answered.

The fall of 2014 a good customer of mine came in to buy some door parts and told me Jeeps Unlimited was finally calling it quits. At first I thought great, no more competition at least around my area, but that night my mind started to race and I could barely wait till morning because my plan was to go and try to buy as much of their inventory as possible. Little did I know what God actually had in store. 3 weeks later, more debt then I ever had in my life I owned Jeeps Unlimited Auto Recycling. Now I had 300 Jeeps and I was on cloud 9 (These were actually just what was left of the Jeep Carcass). That's the back story of my Big Small Business. Since then I have learned the headaches of taxes, accounting, utility bills and employees (I have two great employees right now, wonderful sisters who have help in every way possible and an amazing wife (new wife) who loves not only have a junk yard in our back yard but working in it.

On June 1st 2018 we closed on our new Jeeps Unlimited site in Grand Junction, Colorado. 90 minutes outside of the Jeep capital of the world Moab, Utah. It will take some time to get this yard up and going but in the mean time our original Jeeps Unlimited yard in Erie, Colorado will be stripping Jeeps, cleaning parts, cataloging them, photoing, listing and handling the 300+ calls we get a day from all over the world. Thanks for reading my story (My wife has not edited this for grammar issues which I am sure there are) Fresh off the press.