Remembering Moose

Remembering Moose

It is with a heavy heart we announce the loss of Moose, our Great Dane. Great doesn't even begin to describe the impact this large, floppy dog had on our family, friends, and all our customers from Erie, Colorado to the Western Slope of Colorado. Please join us on our journey as we celebrate the life he lived and the memories we will carry forever.

Remembering Moose...

I brought Moose into my life spring of 2014 and with that Moose did not leave my side for the rest of his almost 8 years. Moose met my parents, sisters, nephews and nieces and boy was he a hit, I had volunteer dog sitters lined up for years.

6 Months after Moose and I met, we bought Jeeps Unlimited in Erie, Coloardo. An exisiting Jeep parts yard that had been around since 1984. Moose and I went from living in a 200 sq ft bedroom we had built in our garage to a nice apartment in Broomfield close to our new shop. What an upgrade with balcony views over looking the Boulder flat irons but better yet neigbors and other dogs Moose could play with. 

2 Years after Moose and I met our adventure took the biggest turn of both of our lives. Moose got the apartment to his self one evening while dad went out on a date, about a month later Moose met Kiera. They say Great Danes usually have one person. I think Moose had a few between myself and my sisters but when he met Kiera that definition was redefined and from that day forward it was no longer Moose and Me, it was us 3. Moose, now wouldn't leave Kiera's side....didn't matter where dad was.

Eventually, we got Gunnison to help keep Moose company but Moose did not like to share the spotlight especially with Momma. Kiera and I got married in 2017. At the tim,e we were driving back and forth to California for Jeeps so often we wanted to find a place inbetween, a place our puppies could roam and be free, a place we owned (we never owned the property in Erie). God smiled on us once again and we found our home. Our puppies now had 7 acres, a ditch to play in and a endless supply of bunnies and squirrels to chase.

In Spring of 2020, we welcomed our 3rd angel, Thomas, into our family. While the world paused and braced for Covid, we excitingly welcomed this little boy into our world. Once again, Moose was sharing Momma's spotlight but quickly figured out he had a little brother to play with and look after. Our family of five enjoyed quiet times at home, camping trips and working hard in our yard and building our business. 

It is now Winter of 2021. However, it feels like just yesterday when I was driving Moose home with me on the day I got him in our Mustang (He got car sick the first ride home, thank God for leather). I am remembering all these years with a companion that never once left my side, never once disappointed me and trust me we had some trying moments. He was the best friend, the best fur-son, the best companion a person could have possibly ever asked for.

We love you Moose and we will never forget the love you showed us, our family and all our customers.

God called you home and heaven gained one all-star of an angel.  We look forward to seeing you again someday.



If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
We love you so much Moose, you were truly the best boy.
We miss you so, so much. - Kiera Isham


Our Erie, Colorado Jeeps Unlimited Location. Moose was able to come to 

work each and every day


My family opened their arms to Moose.... and their shoulders


All my neices and nephews grew up with a larger than life puppy

Moose with Kiera and Gunnison California

Perks of owning a Jeep junk yard and doing your own deliveries to the coasts, 

down time Moose and Gunnison get to play in the ocean for the first time.



Light of the heavens always seemed to shine down on Moose



Didn't matter if we it didn't have wheels, Moose wasn't missing this ride



Oddest thing, when he knew he needed a bath I would find him sitting in here. 



Long day at the garage, Moose could find a place to sleep anywhere



And fit even on a little Wrangler YJ rear seat



Or even in a box, yes I came home (we were living in our garage at our first 

parts yard) I found Moose in my shipping area, snoring away



He loved his CJ's



At first he did NOT like to share the spotlight with Thomas Wesley Isham - June 2020



But he quickly realized Kiera wasn't leaving Thomas' side and figured out 

he might as well love on Tommy too



Once a Jeep yard dog, always a Jeep yard dog


We love you, Moose 🐾💔 will miss you so much

Moose Isham

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